Largest country

Nigeria is one of the most largest country in the world that leads in Economics especially when it comes to expanding the manufactured. Despite the numerous people who live in this place apparently Nigeria is on the top 8 ranking most population in the world. But what makes them different is that they have their skills and ability to survive and support their family in their every day living. Nigerian people is known of their skills especially when it comes to art. One of the example is the famous terra-cotta this is made by the Nigerian artist. Did you know that Nigeria has a Hundreds of languages they spoke some examples of this is Igbo,Yoruba,Fula,Edo and more Including English. When it come to economics Nigeria is known for abundant natural resources and has huge large of petroleum and natural gas. and at this particular moment Nigerians people and their Economy still building for a great future and contributes a lot in the world of market.

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